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Fewer returns and delays


Small associations – from local football clubs to youth groups – keep their supporters up to date with flyers and periodical publications. Unfortunately, they are often sent out with faulty addresses. And that regularly causes bpost problems when processing them. Cypres made a leaflet and video tutorial to bring down the percentage of mistakes.

Audience targeting
bpost has an extensive guide for professionals, the Masspost guide, in which it explains in detail all the rules for addressing and sending mail. But that guide isn’t appropriate for the volunteers at a local club. This reference work is aimed at organisations that regularly send out large amounts of mail. For small associations that work with volunteers, bpost needed something different.

Accessible content
We brought together the essential rules in a handy leaflet and made a 90-second video with all the tips in a quick and easy format. By using concrete examples and illustrations, associations could see right away how it should be done. We used the Masspost guide to extract the most important information and translated it to guidelines for a non-professional audience. We were led by the most common mistakes seen by bpost, often simple things such as forgotten box numbers and addresses in the wrong place.

This campaign is only available in French and Dutch.

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