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Seamless moving, thanks to bpost’s digital content


With bpost’s Moving Service, you can have your post temporarily forwarded from your old address to your new home. That gives you more time to notify everyone of your new address and means you don’t have to return to your old place to collect mail. But how do you get this message to people who are about to move house?

bpost, your moving partner

Transferring your energy contract, gathering and packing boxes, organising transport, changing your address… There’s a lot to deal with when moving house. People often look for information online when they’re moving. By offering this information, we not only reach this target group, we create an opportunity to highlight the Moving Service.

Illustration moving

Move in 1-2-3 with our digital guide and checklist

What do you absolutely need to know, before, during and after your move? What’s the best way to handle the move? From this starting point, we made a digital moving guide with more than 30 essential tips and tasks. We provided a handy checklist, on which to-dos can easily be ticked off. One of the many tips? Having your post automatically forwarded, of course…

Moving online checklist

The right info, at the right time

We made a landing page (available only in Dutch or French; where those interested can download the guides and checklist and directly activate the Moving Service. They can also register here for a series of moving-related emails. Then they receive the most important tasks at the right moment in their inbox: it’s time to notify your energy provider, to start packing or… to activate the Moving Service.

Webpage moving

The power of the letterbox

To attract as many people as possible to the landing page, we don’t rely only on SEO. We promote the guide, the checklist and the Moving Service via the letterbox too. We made a direct mail for people and families who bpost knows will soon be moving (for example, because their address was provided to the Moving Service by the new inhabitants).

Brochure moving

From paper to online registration

To make the Moving Service as accessible as possible, we also adapted the registration process. Where the service could previously only be requested via a paper form, we ensured that it can now be done online. With success: every year, more than 200,000 people in Belgium have their post forwarded when they move.

Online registration Move