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Poster Day of the Donor


Campaign with the feelgood factor


Komosie is the umbrella association of charity shops in Flanders. In May 2017 it organised its second Day of the Donor [Dag van de Gever]. Cypres launched a multichannel campaign with videos, a blog article about decluttering, thank you cards, store posters and more.

Dag van de Gever Jonas Geirnaert

A strategic thank you

Each year, charity shops receive a total of 55 million donated items allowing them to employ 5,400 people. With the Day of the Donor, they wanted to both thank and increase the group of donors who lie behind that success. They also wanted to improve the quality of collections. To reach these goals, they first looked at who takes what to the charity shop, and why.

Website Komosie Day of the Donor

Motivated famous faces

Komosie discovered five motivations. To spotlight each of these, Cypres sought and found five famous Flemings. We made a short film with each of them in which they talked in a light-hearted way about a different motivation and a ‘typical’ charity shop object. We also put them on posters for the store. With thank-you cards, a blog article and other social media posts, we built a complete multichannel campaign around the Day of the Donor. We also extended it to the Komosie website and internal newsletter to involve the organisation’s own employees in the story.

Flyer Day of the Donor

Wide audience

Celebrities are regularly recruited for publicity campaigns. Because we had our eye on a wide audience for the Day of the Donor, we decided that working with famous faces was the right choice. They made the campaign attractive and accessible. For which we say thank you!

Posters Day of the Donor