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BCCA Website


Clear and efficient access to crucial information for target groups


BCCA, the reference organisation for certification in construction, uses newsletters and websites to inform its audience. Cypres aligned all its newsletters and gave the websites a facelift. To do this, we developed an online strategy for all channels.

Database connection

Complex story

The story of BCCA is not always straightforward. Take the issue of quality frameworks, which bring together the various aspects of quality in a single approach. It concerns different stakeholders – from architect and client to government and contractor. It is technical and has numerous procedural and administrative aspects that many of those involved must know and go through. The societal aim must also not be overlooked: quality frameworks enhance trust in construction.


Thorough approach

BCCA asked Cypres to get this story to its target audience more clearly and efficiently. We analysed the situation and a number of bottlenecks became apparent during various workshops. The websites were not suitably targeted, and the newsletters and websites were not sufficiently connected to each other. By thoroughly restructuring, redesigning and reworking the content of both, we transformed them into a coherent whole.

Thorough approach

Link with the databases

The BCCA website has traditionally been the entry point to its diverse underlying databases. The comprehensive and complex search functions were kept and optimised, without touching the databases themselves.

Linking databases