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Image campaign aeroplanes

Brussels Airport Company

Awareness campaign for sorting waste

Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport Company wants to improve the selective collection of waste year on year. To achieve its objectives, it is committed to working with all the airport partners. It also wants to set a good example itself. That’s why Brussels Airport Company asked Cypres to create an awareness-raising campaign for its own employees.


Cypres proposed a number of concepts. One of them was further developed and elaborated into a series of deliverables for the workplace: posters, wobblers, rubbish-bin stickers, cupboard hangers and floor stickers. Central were various waste items with aeroplane wings, under the headline ‘Give your rubbish the right destination’. Each winged item was hyper-realistically produced in 3D.

At least two elements are decisive for this sort of internal campaign: the images should catch the attention, ideally in a playful way, and they have to do so in the place where action is needed – in this case, where the waste is produced. Then the message can directly bring about the right action.

Sketches campaign
BAC Recycle 1BAC Recycle 2BAC Recycle 3