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The basis for success? Creativity in combination with data

Pieter Vereertbrugghen

The basis for success? Creativity in combination with data

Successful content marketing is always a mix of data and creativity. The importance of data in this combo is often underestimated. It’s not about the number of views, likes or shares. Content marketing needs to generate conversions to be successful. And efficient data use helps to define and quantify the success of every stage of the customer journey.

However, data can be pretty intimidating, especially to those who are not used to analysing it. Dashboards are the perfect aid in this regard by rendering the crucial data of all content marketing activities in a visual way. How to get started?


Make data an integral part of your content strategy

Include data in your content strategy in a step-by-step process to acquire the right insights and translate them into more efficient action.

  • Define concrete and measurable KPIs for the full customer journey of every target group.
  • Integrate these KPIs in a measurement plan for all (digital) marketing activities.
  • In this plan describe the business and marketing objectives as well as the KPIs of the organisation.
  • Set up a canvas (measurement plan) per objective. These canvases can be established according to this model:
Model cases

Set up the channel strategy

Based on the measurement plan you can outline the channel strategy. This is a written out marketing approach with a selection of channels, a proposed campaign structure, recommended content types (and possibly advertisement types) and a briefing for the creation. In short, you’re gearing the channels to the established business objectives of the organisation.

For every target group you obviously implement a different approach that focuses on own channels, touch points, content and remarketing.


Create insight through a dashboard

Use the dashboard to collect the crucial data of the content marketing activities from multiple sources in order to render them visually. The dashboard represents the acquired insights in a comprehensible manner. Work with real-time data whenever possible to monitor and analyse performance. Don’t forget to adjust the dashboard to the specific needs of the internal customers: operational, tactic or strategic. This way every stakeholder only gets to see relevant data.

The right insight

A dashboard lets you focus on those insights that are key to realising your content marketing objectives and helps you understand which efforts are most efficient in every stage of the customer journey. This makes content an essential part of achieving your business objectives.

Would you also like to win thanks to data?

But maybe you’re not keen on building your dashboard by yourself? We will be happy to assist you with the strategic underpinnings and the concrete realisation.

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